Hybrid Mediation

We use the new Hybrid Mediation model which speeds up family mediation by incorporating elements from the civil and commercial mediation model so that agreement can be reached and made into a legally binding document in one day.

Margaret Kelly-Edwards is experienced in using the Hybrid mediation model.

Hybrid Mediation Explained

Instead of the traditional time-limited 90 minute mediation which can take several sessions over many weeks or months without lawyers, Hybrid mediation enables everything to be agreed in a day long session with your lawyers present for all or part of the session.

This means you get legal advice on the spot in private sessions and any settlement can be drafted by the lawyers on the same day for Court approval. This avoids delays caused by the traditional family mediation model where the mediator drafts the decisions post mediation, sends it to you to send to your lawyers who then send it to Court for approval.

Hybrid mediation could be online or in person.

Unlikely family mediation where everyone is in the same room, Hybrid mediation uses private sessions where you and the other participant are in separate rooms and the mediator shuttles between you. Everything said in private sessions (including legal advice given by your lawyer) is strictly confidential and can only be shared by the mediator with the other participant with your consent.

When to use Hybrid Mediation

  • Where the case is complex, because you have legal advice on the day and a longer period to negotiate in.
  • When one or both of you prefer to be in separate rooms.
  • Where pre-screening raises concerns about a power imbalance, domestic abuse or one or both of you may find it difficult to have a voice in mediation.


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