Family Mediation Professional Support (PPC)

Austin completed his Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) training with the Family Mediators’ Association in 2015 and is currently supervising 15 Family Mediators.

He has formed the London Family Mediation Group in 2011 to help with develop family mediation skills and good practice.

Austin can provide professional support in the following Family Mediation areas:

  • Providing suggestions on how to develop Family Mediation work and how to create specialist Family Mediation areas;
  • Talking about Family Mediation matters arising from Family Mediation cases;
  • Talking about Family Mediation changes;
  • Suggesting Family Mediation reading and Family Mediation research to read;
  • How to adapt your Family Mediation model for a particular Family Mediation case;
  • At the first Family Mediation meeting identifying your Family Mediation learning needs and how to plan your Mediation professional learning development throughout the year.
  • Satisfying your Family Mediation supervision hours whether they are done face to face or by Skype;
  • Providing Family Mediation CPD training;
  • Checking and giving guidance on Family Mediation documents including Family Mediation Session Summaries, Memorandum of Understanding and Open Financial Statements;
  • Helping the supervisee if a complaint is made;
  • Assisting the supervisee in checking their Family Mediation portfolio before submission;
  • Providing support to the supervisee if they are going through a challenging time;
  • Tips on how to further your Family Mediation career;
  • Providing Family Mediation Group Supervision.

If you are interested in learning more about Family Mediation as a professional you may want to read some of these Family Mediation materials:

Putting Children First- Karen & Nick Woodhall.
Published by Piatkus

Family Mediation (Family Practice) – Lisa Parkinson.
Published by Sweet and Maxwell

Mediating Divorce – John and Gretchen Haynes.
Published by Jossey Bass

Which Guide to Divorce-  Imogen Clout.
Published 2004

Divorced Parenting, How to Make it Work –  Sol Goldstein.
Published Mandarin

Conflict Mediation Across Cultures –  David Augsburger.
Published John Knox Press

What’s Happening? Splitting up – Karen-Bryant Mole and John Hall.
Published Wayland Books 1996

What about the Kids? Raising your Children before and after divorce – J Wallerstein and S Blakesee.
Published Hyperion

Making decisions about Children – H Rudolph Schaffer.
Published Blackwell 1998

The Co Parenting Survival Guide – Thayer and Zimmerman.
Published New Harbinger Publications

Therapeutic Family Mediation – Howard Irving and Michael Benjamin.
Sage Publications.

When Parents Part
Published ‘Young Voice’ 2006

Divorce as Family Transition – Margaret Robinson.
Published Karnac Books 1997