Family Mediation Observations for Trainee Mediators

It is very helpful for trainee Family Mediators to observe mediations once they have completed a Family Mediation foundation course or are thinking of training to become a Family Mediator. The Family Mediation Centre is pleased to offer trainees the chance to observe one of our experienced Family Mediators in an intake or joint session provided the clients agree.

The clients will be asked before the mediation if they are willing to be observed.  You would need to respect the confidentiality of what is discussed in the mediation session if the clients agree to being observed.

Making arrangements for the observation takes up extra time to organise including liaising with clients, the observer and discussions after the observation, so we do charge the trainee a small fee for the observer to be present.

If you are a trainee Family Mediator and would like to observe a MIAM or joint session, contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.