Family Mediation Private Fees

We will discuss our Family Mediation costs with you before we meet you for the Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

Our Family Mediation fees will also be set out in the Agreement to Mediate.

Family Mediation intake sessions and MIAMs last up to 60 minutes per person. Mediation fees are charged per person.

Cleared funds need to be in our account before the Mediation session can take place.

Payment can be made online, by debit or credit card, in person, or by cash.

If you cancel the mediation appointment within 5 working days before the session there will be a cancellation fee incurred.

One Day Family Mediation Fees

Most Family Mediation sessions take place over several weeks. If your Family Mediation matter is urgent we are also able to provide a cost for a full day mediation.

Family Mediation Legal Aid

If you like we can refer you to a mediator if you qualify for legal aid for mediation. 

To be eligible you would need to provide documentary evidence at the first meeting that you have limited equity in your property, are on a low income below £32,000 per year and have savings under £8,000. You will also need disposable income of £733 per month or less based on a legal aid calculation which is done at the Mediation Information Assessment Meeting.

To discuss Family Mediation costs do not hesitate to contact us.