Finanaces & Property

Family Mediation can be used to resolve property and financial matters if the marriage or relationship is ending.

We understand it can be a difficult time with concerns over the short term and long term financial security.

If your finances are complex, we can discuss in mediation how to deal with valuations of businesses and pensions.

Common property and financial matters discussed in Family Mediation include:

  • In the short and long term what will happen to the family home?
  • How the assets and debts should be dealt with;
  • Future assets including inheritance and pensions. How these are dealt with ?
  • How possessions are divided e.g. cars or items over £500;
  • What level of child maintenance should be paid and for what duration ?
  • Existing financial arrangements which are  no longer sustainable and need to be reviewed.

In Family Mediation, financial disclosure is completed in the joint session(s). Financial options are then considered before exploring if a final financial proposal can be reached between the clients. For financial mediation matters there are usually around three joint sessions.