The Family Mediation Centre London

The Family Mediation Centre London is a group of specialist Family Mediators helping  families across Central, North, East, West and South London to work through separation and divorce and resolve issues relating to financial and children matters.

The Family Mediation Centre London understands that divorce and separation are stressful and can be a difficult time in your life. We improve communication and work with you to enable separation or divorce to be done in a way that does not destroy your family.

Why would you consider family mediation as an option?

Family Mediation encourages trust and helps to facilitate better communication for the future.

Family Mediation is an alternative to the couple’s solicitors battling in Court. Instead it allows you both to come up with mutually beneficial proposals together.

Parents in Family Mediation can make decisions on involvement childcare arrangements even though there is a separation. The process helps to reduce the negative impact of the divorce on the children.

Family Mediation encourages both parents to work on what they would both like to achieve which is a less stressful process than court.

Family Mediation is a cheaper and much faster process than going to court. We have seen clients spend hundreds of thousands of pounds litigating in court. Family Mediation is a fraction of the cost.

Family Mediation takes place over several weeks  so it is quicker than court proceedings where you could be waiting several months for the first hearing date.

Family Mediation is confidential and the meetings are carried out in a private setting.

About The Family Mediation Centre

The Family Mediation Centre mediators come from a range of backgrounds including family law and counselling.

Our mediators are trained to mediate with children and are DBS checked.

The Family Mediation Centre works closely with other divorce professionals to help support you through divorce or separation. For example we can put you in touch with divorce coaches, counsellors, independent financial advisors, pension actuaries and children experts.

We are accredited Family Mediators who are able to offer Mediation Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) at one of our offices.

We have accredited Family Mediators covering most areas of London and some areas outside of London and can cater for our client’s urgent needs.

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